A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Take the role of Riku and play a little quiz game with Sora


  • This game doesn't make any sense outside the context of the Kingdom Hearts series. Please play and support the original games.
  • This was supposed to be a NSFW game but I removed that content for personal and time reasons. So I rebuild the game to be SFW, and because of that the game came out pretty much incomplete.
  • Another issue is that this game was designed for movile platforms, thus it lack some of the features I originaly put on the game and same goes for the exit button, I didn't think I'd need one
  • I'm not a writer, nor a native English speaker, so the dialog may be weird or wrong, sorry for that.

Music by CAMeLIA

Special thanks to KHwiki for being my source of information for the questions.


SoRiku VN.rar 19 MB

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